Loyalty Reimagined is designed to inspire different thinking about customers, promotions and – most importantly – marketing tools. Thanks to the fast-changing retail environment, these tools are less effective in generating loyalty than they once were. New solutions are needed to build deeper, stronger, longer-lasting relationships between brands and shoppers—solutions such as SmartConnect.

On arrival at the showcase next week you’ll receive a simple tutorial to help you make the most of your experience, and, through the app, will be set up with a personalised loyalty profile, wallet and status.

Throughout our range of simulated shopping experiences, you’ll collect loyalty points and earn rewards – just as your shoppers would with your own loyalty programmes – while learning more about the exciting capabilities inherent in digital loyalty offerings. Whether it be:

  • Instore experiences
  • Mobile shopping
  • Gamification

The real value of the tcc loyalty 2018 app will be shown on our centrepiece data dashboard, on which we’ll demonstrate in full view how SmartConnect gathers data to create intricate individual profiles of every shopper, as well as valuable macro trends.

Download the tcc loyalty 2018 app to see for yourself the exciting advantages of a new, consumer insight-led loyalty experience.

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