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tcc and Loyal Guru partner to boost customer loyalty in retail

Partnership enables tcc to utilise Loyal Guru’s data platform, boosting customer loyalty by using state of the art technology to enable greater control over retail loyalty programs

Matthew Betes, Corporate Marketing Director

  • By using customer insights, retailers will have more visibility of their campaigns and can tailor them to better serve shoppers, boosting digital transformation within their organization

January 2022, Barcelona: tcc and Loyal Guru have entered into a partnership that combines tcc’s specialised physical loyalty campaigns with digital elements that give retailers much deeper insights into their campaigns’ success. 

The partnership allows tcc to utilise Loyal Guru’s market-leading loyalty technology, gaining further insight into how customers use loyalty campaigns and therefore enabling them to further tailor and personalise campaigns to suit retailers’ audiences. Loyal Guru will have access to tcc’s network of top retailers around the world, relationships that they have built over the course of 30 years.  

Retailers all over the world will be able to digitise their loyalty operations, and have greater visibility of their campaign performance to better serve the modern, omnichannel consumer. This meand retailers will be able to keep offering prime physical rewards through loyalty campaigns that are innovative, user friendly, and engaging.

tcc runs campaigns based on customer retention, in more than 70 countries. As one of the biggest players in the loyalty marketing field, tcc is a global leader in creating campaigns that deliver sustainable sales growth and enhanced brand equity for retailers all over the world.

Loyal Guru is a Customer Data Platform with integrated loyalty capabilities, built specifically for retailers. Loyal Guru’s Customer Data Platform collects data from all possible sources and allows retailers to activate this data on loyalty programs and personalized coupons, providing retailers with an unparalleled competitive edge. By using intelligent loyalty management, Loyal Guru drives value to businesses, keeping customers engaged by delivering personalised loyalty experiences through the use of data.

In a world constantly disrupted by increasing choice, technology, and innovation, keeping customers active and loyal has never been more difficult, nor more important to business success. On top of that, shoppers are becoming more aware of online campaigns and personalised discounts. 

To engage with the modern consumer, retailers are increasingly enhancing their loyalty programs with a digital element, key for acquisition and customer retention.

tcc and Loyal Guru have already worked together to enable Spanish retailer Bon Preu to see a 5% uplift in new customers redeeming digital points, highlighting the positive impact that an omnichannel loyalty campaign has for retailers. This was achieved by Loyal Guru implementing a digital solution that displays data on which customers are redeeming points and via which channels. 

tcc and Loyal Guru have also been working with a German retailer, integrating purchases made in-store with the retailer’s app. Transactions made in-storel are sent to the app in real-time, allowing the retailer to quickly activate customer data into flexible loyalty programs or personalised offers as well as use it to analyse business performance and customer behavior. 


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