The International Marketing Forum came to London in 2015 with the objective of ‘Inspiring Loyalty’ for the attendees.

At the heart of the event was a call to action for us to revisit our approach to loyalty in the retail industry. Fundamentally, loyalty is an outcome and largely based on deeper, emotional connections. Our challenge was to think beyond the transactional and inspire our audience to explore ways to build loyalty through real connections between their brand and their customers.

We called this Bringing Loyalty to Life!

The Showcase at the Forum in London saw the creation of an immersive store concept, the ‘Inspired Store’. Rather than exploring stands and displays, attendees were able to move through a real store environment and immerse themselves in fully activated campaigns designed to connect with and reward shoppers at a deeper level.

With the UK and London being one of the most progressive retail markets in the world we also hosted three exciting days of store tours. Uniquely, we created two streams. One focussed on the UKs leading grocers such as Tesco, Morrison’s, Waitrose and Sainsburys. All demonstrated leadership in in-store experience and digital. Secondly, we created an innovation store tour stream. Our goal was to visit the numerous flagship stores on offer in central London across all categories! Again perhaps unsurprisingly, creating unique experience through store staff engagement and showcasing new digital technology was top of the agenda.


forum highlights

Jonah Berger

Author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On

Rita Clifton

British Writer and Advertising Professional, former UK Chairman of Interbrand

Rory Sutherland

Vice-Chairman and CEO and ECD, Ogilvy Group