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Swedish Retail Loyalty (part 3)

The path to happier customers ...

Bartek Gorzny, Sales Director Nordics

There is more that can be done to keep Swedish customers happy.  

Understanding customers’ emotional needs, expectations and aspirations is pivotal for the long-term success of every business. Food and grocery retail is no exception.

Swedish shoppers are already benefitting from traditional reasons to shop, such as location, choice, price, and in-store experience. The shoppers we surveyed returned scored high scores based on these metrics (from ICA with 7.3/10, through COOP (7.1), Hemköp (6.9) and Lidl (6.7). Most shoppers were pleased with their retailers’ assortment and wide selection of fresh produce.

These positive rankings are great news for maintaining everyday business but what about improving? Isn’t now the perfect time to think a bit differently; a bit bigger perhaps? Shoppers increasingly look to retailers to help them support their lifestyles – such as how to cook healthier, more balanced meals. They look for inspiring ways to improve their everyday routines.

Creating and implementing marketing campaigns rewarding shoppers for their loyalty while addressing their needs or appealing to their emotions is very powerful. It is proven to strengthen the bond between a retailer and its shoppers.

Switching loyalty rewards from items that benefit your business goals, to ones that respond to the emotional needs and wants of customers is what can make your business stand out from other food and grocery retailers.


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