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Sustainability: the ‘third’ driver of loyalty?

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17 Aug 2020

The global impact of Covid-19 has shifted consumer behaviour beyond recognition.

Matthew Betes, Corporate Marketing Director

The global impact of Covid-19 has shifted consumer behaviour beyond recognition. As lockdowns continue to fluctuate around the world, proximity – either in-store or though e-commerce – has become the primary driver of loyalty as consumers seek out convenience and accessibility. Of course, with widespread economic uncertainty, price is also front-of-mind for consumers.

However, during uncertain times, loyalty isn’t only driven by convenience and price. Looking back at the post-2008 recession, many people expected shoppers to abandon their ethical concerns—but this simply wasn’t the case. People instead sought out value, while continuing to connect with brands and products that have a wider positive impact on society.

Catalysed by NGO campaigns, media coverage and TV shows such as Blue Planet II, sustainability continues to be a key consideration for shoppers. In fact, recent tcc research revealed that topics such as responsible food sourcing and environmental responsibility are among the top five priorities for global grocery shoppers—and we expect this trend to continue post-Covid-19.

In recent years, we’ve seen a variety of measures within grocery retail to promote ‘greener’ living—from eliminating single-use plastics to reducing food waste and improving the efficiency of trucks and refrigeration equipment. And while retailers are genuinely seeking to minimise their environmental impact, there are those that are judged by shoppers to be making more of a significant impact than others.

At tcc, we believe that the most successful retail loyalty strategies start by focusing on what is most important to shoppers. Sustainability is a subject that generates genuine passion, now more than ever. The retailers that have aligned their loyalty campaigns with this consumer priority have begun to fashion the building blocks of long-term connection and loyalty.

Most recently, we ran a campaign focusing on sustainable rewards with Coop in Italy. Having identified an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of recycling, we developed a long-term sustainability platform through several recycled reward ranges that engaged millions of families across the country—and led to 25 million bottles being recycled.

Globally, we now have 27 reward ranges that include sustainable materials and four completely sustainable ranges. Furthermore, tcc is the first company to be awarded the TUV Green Mark Certification for toys—a clear symbol of our sustainability credentials and intent.

As the world continues to adapt to the ‘new normal’, it’s vital for retailers to not take their eyes off what consumers really care about. While price and proximity will always be drivers of loyalty in uncertainty, the rise of the conscious shopper has put sustainability firmly on the radar as a key component of any shopper loyalty campaign. And it’s not going anywhere soon.

To find out more about how tcc can help you drive loyalty through enhanced sustainable rewards and campaigns, contact your local tcc office today.

Together, we can make a positive sustainable impact on the global retail landscape.


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