In the March edition of the Loyalty Reimagined newsletter, we spoke to Gametation’s Soren Sundin on the real benefits that gamification in loyalty campaigns can bring. “Mobile gaming and devices are so widespread these days,” he said, “that almost everybody has access and is familiar with playing a game on their phone.”

He’s not wrong, by 2021 the mobile games industry is expected to be worth $100 billion—demonstrating how the sector’s incredible popularity, extending across a huge range of demographics. Gamification, therefore, presents an effective way for retailers and brands to reach their customers in a way that they find enjoyable and meaningful.

Gametation will bring this to life at Loyalty Reimagined. Its specially created showcase games will present the commercial benefits gamification campaigns can deliver for clients—whether their objectives hinge on driving footfall, increasing brand and product exposure, media opportunities or increasing app downloads and engagement.

Over the course of this year’s showcase, users of the tcc loyalty 2018 app will be able to play two distinct games. The first, freely available for all to play, is a scratch and win game designed to demonstrate how games can drive footfall to in-store—as rewards will only be claimable within the Gametation showcase area.

The second in-event game can only be accessed by scanning a series of QR codes around the venue, again demonstrating how the mechanics of a simple challenge can drastically increase engagement. Keen players will have to keep their eyes peeled should they want to have a chance to spin and win!

However, the action isn’t just limited to the event itself. We’re helping to build excitement ahead of Loyalty Reimagined with our pre-showcase game—you can jump into the action right away by registering at

The Gametation team is looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona. Get playing!

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