Gametation is proud to announce the launch of a new gamified loyalty campaign in Italy, the first time the company has run a campaign in the key European market. Working with grocery retailer Penny Market, the campaign uses gamification to drive instore footfall, create new supplier funding opportunities and generate long lasting loyalty.

The Penny Game – in which a player must find three matching items in a digital shopping basket to win – has been designed to promote the retailer’s 25th birthday, offering 25,000 prizes to win a week.

As the first campaign run in the Italian market, the campaign represents an important landmark for Gametation, as it increases its presence in a vital country. It builds upon similar activity undertaken for REWE Group, the owners of Penny Market, in other markets across central Europe.

Søren M. Sundin, Managing Director at Gametation said “In the retail landscape today, shoppers have much more choice and are much less loyal. This new campaign offers retailers a chance to reach consumers on their preferred device and at their convenience. Shoppers can interact with Penny Market, whether they are commuting, chilling in bed or otherwise relaxing. This means that the retailer’s brand is front of mind throughout the day.

“We are seeing an increased appetite for the introduction of gamification campaigns, as retailers realise the benefits they can bring. Because our solutions are easy for shoppers to engage with, it naturally also becomes easier for the shopper to connect with our clients. And, in today’s media landscape, the evidence is clear that more connections with a shopper delivers more value for a retailer.”

The campaign is designed to connect digital communication with instore, physical redemption. Shoppers are encouraged to play a daily game, with the prospect of winning free FMCG products that incentivise visits instore. Branded gamification ensures that the key messages of the campaign are communicated alongside brand awareness—with call-to-action elements that can further promote instore offers or link shoppers to the retailer’s digital media assets.

Gametation gamification campaigns also present significant new funding opportunities for suppliers. When customers win prizes, they are effectively asked to sample products which they may otherwise have never tried. The volumes of shoppers engaged through these campaigns can open new revenue streams for suppliers and retailers alike.

The campaign is currently progressing well, and mirrors other successful retailer campaigns delivered by Gametation. The number of users is building steadily, retention of shoppers is very good, and there has been an immediate impact in the number of shoppers being driven instore to redeem prizes.

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