Health and fitness is everywhere. According to research by The Global Wellness Institute, globally, wellness sectors now represent a $3.7 trillion economy—more than 5% of global economic output.

It’s hard to avoid. Between Kim Kardashian on the step machine or The Rock pumping iron on Instagram and the deluge of media discussion, it can sometimes feel like everyone but you just had their best work-out.

But it’s not always easy to find time for the gym. Launched in 2017, was created by CEO Michael Moser, after he found that the at-home work-outs he’d been doing were not up to scratch. “I’ve bought many at-home work-out courses. But every time I found that the course was either too heavy going, or too easy, and every time I ended up quitting,” he explained. is designed to avoid the pitfalls of other online programmes because it is completely personalised. As a subscription model, it asks users to input their goals and favourite style of workout. As well as their current fitness level, weight, height, hip and waist measurements, and, if the goal is weight loss, how much they would like to lose before they are assigned their work-out and meal plan.

Popular with busy mothers in particular, and accessible across all digital channels, allows users to work out wherever they are. It has found great success in The Netherlands, where it uses well known trainers and athletes – such as the Dutch Olympic gold medallist Mark Tuitert – to boost awareness and demonstrate the quality of the platform.

Michael, who comes from a television directing and producing background, likens the platform to Netflix because of the freedom and variety it offers, allowing users to change course at any given time—from HIIT to yoga, or bodybuilding to boxing.

The wealth of data created by the platform means that knows if you’re going to quit before you do. Michael explained: “We can see from user patterns and behaviour when someone’s lost motivation. We use notifications and e-mail to offer more incentives, like new workouts or new recipes.”

The platform was developed by DFFRNT media, which tcc global acquired a stake in earlier this year. Hélène Hoogeboom, senior consultant at tcc global’s innovation and business design centre, explained the potential the platform offers to retailers: “Health and wellbeing are a key concern for shoppers across the world, and when shoppers see something they recognise as a shared value, it creates an emotional connection, which is crucial in building loyalty in a largely transactional industry.”

Both tcc global and are focusing on taking the platform – which is currently only available in The Netherlands – global. Michael sees the huge importance of personalisation within each platform, “As we move into new countries,” he said, “we will be getting country-specific influencers and well-known athletes to create bespoke videos. We’ve found this localisation to be crucial to our success in The Netherlands.”

Hélène sees as a loyalty reward of the future: “Membership of is a dynamic and relevant reward, that offers a wealth of data as well as an incentive to return to the store and potential to drive engagement beyond traditional campaigns.”

As supermarkets around the world are boosting their credentials in health and wellness it makes sense to continue this process by helping shoppers to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Hélène explains that shoppers are increasingly looking for experience-based rewards, as they look for a longer-lasting and more meaningful ‘thank you’ for genuine loyalty.

The team is currently developing a range of functional fitness products to complement as a loyalty reward, and help users to work out wherever they are, such as water bottles that double up as back massagers.

The recipes and meal plans available on the platform – created by well-known chefs – also offer an opportunity for retailers to promote relevant their healthy products and recommend relevant offers.

This year, at Loyalty Reimagined, attendees will have the opportunity to stay fit with specially developed workouts from Kasia Rain, a well-known fitness and lifestyle coach from The Netherlands. Find them in the section of your tcc loyalty 2018 app.

There will also be two high-energy workouts at the Breeze terrace from 7.30 to 8.00 AM on Tuesday 29th of May and Wednesday 30th of May.

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