We’re delighted to reveal that Zdravoljupci, a joint campaign undertaken in partnership with Konzum, has been awarded a prestigious Gold Effie award. The Effie awards are a global series of awards that celebrate the most effective marketing communications campaigns within a country. This Gold Effie award recognises the campaign as one of the most efficient undertaken in Croatia—winning special praise for its ability to change consumer habits in the market.

Zdravoljupci was designed to encourage healthy eating among consumers and establish Konzum as the market leader for fresh fruit and vegetables. An omni-channel campaign; it combined a traditional loyalty campaign with educational assets, social media s and TV advertising.

As a key partner within the campaign, tcc global designed an effective mechanism to win the loyalty of Konzum shoppers. Customers could collect points towards the purchase of one of a range of plush fruit and vegetable characters—familiar to shoppers through promotional material present instore and out.

For every 50 HRK spent, a shopper received one point. Shoppers could also collect bonus points by purchasing one of two types of fruit or vegetable – with types changing each week of the campaign – or a specially selected supplier product. After collecting 20 points, a plush character became available to purchase for 50 HRK. With 40 points, they became available for 10 HRK.

The campaign – backed by creative materials from Konzum – became a national sensation. There are now over 570,000 Zdravoljupci plush toys in households across Croatia, with the most popular characters being Banana Bela, Jagoda Jana and Brokula Branko. Meanwhile, a popular TV advertisement by McCann gained over 5 million views on YouTube—with ‘Zdravoljupci’ becoming the most searched keyword on YouTube in Croatia.

Ivan Petrovic, sales manager for the Adriatic region at tcc global, said: “I’m very proud that tcc global played a key role in such a successful campaign. The Gold EFFIE award reflects the hard work undertaken by the team at tcc global and stands as a ringing endorsement of the relationship we have developed with Konzum.

“The Zdravoljupci campaign proves the lasting impact of tailor-made loyalty campaigns for retailers—both in addressing important societal issues such as healthy eating, and in engendering loyalty from shoppers. This impact is not limited to its own business, however, but extends to benefit the lives of its customer base, and the wider market as a whole.”

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