We are very proud to announce that we have partnered with Lidl Ireland to launch a new healthy eating campaign across all stores in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Food Heroes is a multichannel loyalty campaign that aims to make healthy eating fun.

Running until 8th April, the campaign promotes the consumption of fruit and vegetables with The Goodness Gang, our collection of seven characters which includes Pat Pear, Connor Carrot, Bob Broccoli and Ben Banana.

Each character has a ‘superpower’ that reflects the health benefit it offers: for example, Connor Carrot has x-ray vision, because of carrots’ high levels of vitamin A, and Ben Banana has supersonic speed, due to the natural sugars and heart-healthy potassium bananas contain.

Jenny O’ Callaghan, Campaign Planning Supervisor at Lidl Ireland said “This campaign is all about making healthy eating fun. We want to engage families in the benefits of fruits and vegetables, their flavour and their nutritional value. We’ve actually chosen more unusual vegetable characters, like Adam Aubergine and Grace Garlic, to encourage those important perception-changing conversations around the dinner table.”

The multichannel campaign is running in-store with plush toys, an app, recipe cards and boards promoting the nutritional value of each fruit and vegetable linked to the Goodness Gang characters. This was also supported at launch by an outdoor arcade-style claw crane game at bus stops in Dublin to generate engagement across digital channels.

Lidl Ireland shoppers can collect Goodness Gang Free with 20 stickers or for €3.99 with 10 stickers. Shoppers receive 1 sticker for every €10 spend in transactions over €20.

The app, Goodness Gang GO, engages users to collect virtual Goodness Gang characters. Each has their own special fruit and vegetable themed game for players to earn points and then add accessories to their virtual garden such as a planted vegetable patch. To unlock new games, users zap the code of the Goodness Gang character, which can be found in the collector cards, on floor stickers in-store, as well as online.

Each week, the campaign focuses on a different character—with the in-store zap codes, recipe cards and games changing to reflect them. Week one was the turn of Connor Carrot, featuring a recipe for Scrummy Carrot Squares and a colouring competition that children could enter.

Andrew Sitzberger, Sales Director UK & Ireland said “Working with Lidl has been fantastic. In a collaborative partnership, we have devised an innovative campaign to encourage engagement at all stages of the shopper journey, bringing fruit and veg to life through The Goodness Gang.”

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