Intermarché is the No. 3 retailer in the French market with approximately 14% market share and 1800 stores

The Challenge

ITM have an annual promotional slot in March/April that they wanted to maximize with a big in-store event that was fun for shoppers. For the past 3 years, we have run probability scratchcard games using the Monopoly license. For the 4th year, the challenge was to make it different and relevant and integrate their new children’s characters used for comms on children’s food.

The Strategy

Together with ITM and our suppliers, we developed a series of rewards to integrate into the game mechanic based on the new characters so that these new characters could co-exist with the Monopoly license.

The Solution

Scratchcard game with every scratchcard a winning ticket. Shoppers had to scratch the correct 3 panels from a choice of 5 to win supplier funded products, pencil toppers, bags, soft toys and a family vacation. 1 scratchcard given per €25 spend or with the purchase of certain supplier products


70 million scratchcards distributed and millions of prizes.

Shoppers responded with enthusiasm in-store and loved playing the game.

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