Amsterdam is a truly remarkable retail destination, home to some of the most innovative and pioneering retailers in the world. As part of our 2019 Loyalty Forum, attendees will embark on a fascinating exploration of the latest and greatest concepts from local supermarket chains to global retail giants.

The store tours will enable attendees to soak up grocery retail best practice in store design, merchandising, ranging, sustainability, loyalty, digital innovation and customer service. Here, we look at some of the standout examples.

Jumbo Foodmarkt

Fresh produce on a recent visit to Jumbo Foodmarkt, Amsterdam

Jumbo Foodmarkt has been a gamechanger in European grocery retail, with few other retailers being held in such high regard. Jumbo offers up a gold standard in terms of store design, food-for-now, food-for-later and general look and feel.

Jumbo stores are known for their incredible visual appeal. This store in Amsterdam demonstrates how they make use of splendid architectural features. Expect exposed brickwork, natural light, original ironwork and the charming deployment of plenty of timber. Each store promises to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

The retailer also impresses with its produce. A great range is enhanced in store by strong use of graphics, while deli, bakery, patisserie, meat, fish and cheese service counters are mouth-wateringly beautiful. Combined, all this lends a great deal of authenticity each Jumbo store’s proposition.


The impressive loose seeds and pulses range at Ekoplaza, Amsterdam-Centrum

Ekoplaza is a 100% organic retailer, with its range encompassing chilled, frozen, ambient, wines and health and beauty. The supermarket earnt its fair share of coverage in 2018, after launching a plastic-free aisle in its Ekoplaza Lab store in Amsterdam. A year later and every store now contains an extensive range of plastic-free products, complementing the retailer’s strong proposition and immaculate store layouts.

Store tour visitors can expect beautifully merchandised produce on very stylish wooden fixtures, which continue with the overarching environmental theme. Ekoplaza’s range of loose seeds, grains, pulses and cereals – that shoppers can stock up using their own reusable packaging – is particularly impressive. Other highlights to look out for include olive oil dispensers atop a retro van, and baked goods on an old delivery bicycle. A visit to the store can only be described as a treat to the eye.


Wooden crate beer display in DEEN, Amsterdam-Noord

DEEN is a testament to how an entire store can tailor itself to its locality. Neighbourhood stores are carefully laid out and easy to navigate, effectively catering for DEEN’s main audience of shoppers—those doing a weekly shop, top-up shoppers or folk simply popping in for lunch.

From its successful loyalty campaigns featuring MasterChef rewards to a fresh juice machines in its produce sections, DEEN boosts its appeal to regular shoppers in its bid to win loyalty. Thanks to a degree of vertical integration, owning its own production facilities in several fresh categories and employing instore chefs, DEEN enjoys excellent credibility in fresh categories and creative displays. With exceptional customer service, DEEN stores are perfect examples of what an everyday, local supermarket should aspire to be.


Fresh bread on display at Marqt, Amsterdam

Marqt argues that real food can’t be produced, it must be grown. This thinking underpins the eco-friendly approach to its local, fresh, seasonal products. Marqt is a best-case example of how retailers can work closely together with suppliers to give customers the ethically-sourced products they seek.

This mantra of sustainability and environmentalism is reflected throughout Marqt’s business. Mixing industrial looks with the feel of an indoor market, stores are energy efficient, producing as little waste as possible. Electric trucks are used within the supply chain and fresh products due to expire are donated to people in need or converted into energy. Marqt is taking eco-friendly grocery retail strategy to the next level.

Secure your place at the 2019 Loyalty Forum

The above stores are just four on the packed store tours schedule designed exclusively for the 2019 Loyalty Forum. Store tours will run alongside the insightful masterclasses and speakers, making this year’s event a must for any retail marketer.

To secure your place to secure your place in Amsterdam, alongside hundreds of retail leaders at Loyalty Forum, contact your local tcc global office.

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