Christmas adverts by John Lewis and Iceland received over 1,000 times more engagement on social media than Christmas adverts by competitors like Asda and M&S combined, according to research by international marketing company, tcc global. It found that the two retailers made up 91.8% of supermarket brand mentions on social media in the month of November alone. The hotly anticipated launch of John Lewis’ (46.6%) Christmas advert is now seen by many as the beginning of the Christmas period. However, the popularity of Iceland’s Rang-tan advert this year (45.2%) reflects how its environmentally-focused approach with Greenpeace – which was not cleared for TV broadcast – has pervaded the national conversation.

Christmas adverts from all retailers have increasingly been designed to evoke strong emotions in their viewers, and tcc global’s research has found that this is resonating with shoppers across the country. The most common emotion experienced by viewers is joy (47.3%), followed by sadness (29.2%). When focused on specific adverts, it appears emotional marketing strategies are bearing fruit – John Lewis’ advert inspires overwhelming feelings of joy (79.4%), whereas Iceland’s viewers are slightly more likely to feel sad (40.2%) than happy (39.5%).

Demographically, Christmas adverts tend to resonate more with mothers (31.1%) than any other group, however there are some interesting variations when it comes to individual Christmas adverts. John Lewis’ advert sparked more commentary from students (21.4%) than parents, while fathers where much more responsive to adverts from Tesco (26.5%) and Asda (13.3%) than mothers. Yet overall, mothers remain the most likely to comment on a supermarket Christmas advert: in the case of Aldi, dominating over half the conversation (53.9%).

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