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Ritchies Gold Rush

Partnering with tcc to create the new Ritchies Card loyalty program

  • Mobile Loyalty App: partnering with TCC to create the new Ritchies Card loyalty program. With exclusive member eCoupons, FMCG collector cards and automatic donation to chosen charities for every transaction when members scan their loyalty card.
  • Instore Loyalty Marketing Campaign: Hybrid physical & digital stamp campaign to redeem loveable Goodness Gang plush.
  • Tactical Easter Campaign: loyalty members earn Ritchies digital “coins” when they spend on participating supplier branded products – members receive a $5 gift e-voucher for every 20 coins earned.

  • Performance Marketing: planning, executing and optimizing all owned, earned and paid media across online and offline channels for acquisition and retention of loyalty members, as well as all tactical loyalty campaign.
  • Data Analysis & Strategic Insights: understand members better, their purchase behavior, preferences and how they participate with campaigns, to optimize future loyalty activations and campaigns.
  • Digital Gamification: 1st digital game for pacific region, Ritchies Gold Rush was a 6-week campaign to increase foot traffic to stores with instant prizes and generate additional benefit and engagement to loyalty member through lucky draw mechanics.

25%of redemptions driven by a tcc paid media campaign

33%increase in spend from participants in the Goodness Gang collection

17%increase in frequency (store visits)

15%increase by participants in the Digital Easter Campaign


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