We are delighted to announce that our “Gang Świeżaków 2” campaign with Biedronka in Poland has been awarded a Silver Effie award. The Effie awards are a global series of awards that celebrate the most effective marketing communications campaigns within a country. This Silver Effie award recognises the campaign as one of the most efficient undertaken in the Polish retail sector.

The second campaign that tcc global has undertaken with Biedronka, it was designed to support one of the retailer’s key goals: to change eating habits among children. In its mission to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables, it used both the familiar Goodness Gang cast of characters and Biedronka’s perception as Poland’s premier retailer for quality fruit and vegetables. For the first time, Goodness Gang “Juniors” were introduced to the gang so that friends old and new could learn about healthy eating together.

The campaign was enhanced by strong in-store communication, and an online strategy that utilised the app, website and social media—with competitions run on Facebook. Television advertising was another successful tool, with short stories involving the Goodness Gang toys proving very popular. On YouTube, these short videos have collected hundreds of thousands of views, and thousands of likes and shares.

The results from the campaign were a cause for celebration. It had 94% brand awareness with Biedronka shoppers, with 21 million interactions on social media and 10 million visits to the specially built microsite. Over the course of campaigns with Biedronka, over 13 million plush toys were redeemed—that’s two toys each for every child in Poland under the age of 17.

Bartek Górzny, head of business for Poland, Ukraine and the Baltics at tcc global, said: “I’m very proud that this campaign has been recognised at the EFFIE awards as one of the most efficient in Polish retail. It’s a pleasure to work with Biedronka. It is an institution, unique to the Polish market for both its scale and its public perception. We managed to design a campaign that fitted perfectly with Biedronka’s goals and achieved amazing success—everyone in Poland now knows the Gang Świeżaków!”

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